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Species Human
Gender Female
Home Woodseed
Relationships Fergus (Husband)
First Appearance Fable: Edge of the World
Last Appearance Fable: The Journey
Status Deceased

Peg is a character mentioned in Fable: The Journey.

An inhabitant of Albion's northern Edgelands, Peg was married to a woodsman named Fergus. Settling down with Fergus in Woodseed, a thriving town found in the massive forest of Thorndeep, the two lived a happy life until the rise of Reaver Industries enticed Woodseed's youth to leave the town in an effort to make a better life for themselves working for the company. When the youth left, Woodseed's remaining inhabitants found themselves under siege by the seemingly-endless hordes of balverines that inhabit the forest. One by one, the villagers were picked off until the only ones that remained were Peg and her husband.

Despite living in the town alone, the couple still lead a relatively happy life. Even this, however, was taken from them when the two went out picking mushrooms, only to be attacked by the balverines. Although Peg cried for her husband, Fergus fell victim to his own cowardice, fleeing the scene and letting his wife be taken away by the creatures. They killed her soon afterwards.

An unknown amount of time later, when Fergus was traveling with the young Dweller named Gabriel, the two finally found Peg's remains at The Forge of Fire, a temple of the Enlightened. While Gabriel went inside the temple to recover a Willstone, Fergus finally buried his wife's remains.

Peg's memory played an important part in the success of Gabriel's journey when the group was attacked by The Corruptor's lieutenant, The Devourer. Incapacitating Gabriel, the young Dweller called out to Fergus just as Peg did, even as the woodsman prepared to leave his friend. Reminded of his failure to protect his wife and determined to not repeat the same mistake, Fergus charged the Devourer, distracting it while Gabriel made the killing blow. The Devourer's defeat and Fergus' subsequent death both cleared the way for the journey to continue and inspired Gabriel to set aside his own cowardice and perform his duty to save Albion.

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