Peanuts are a type of food in Fable II. Depending on the quality of the peanuts you consume, they can either give or take away purity points.

Types of PeanutsEdit

Name Stars Description Healing Points Purity Base Value
Nasty Nuts 1star The Nasty brand of nuts is at least upfront about its singularly disgusting, and only barely nutty, product. 20 -5.0 8
Single-Seed Peanuts 2stars Even other peanuts don't want to be associated with these loser legumes. 40 0.0 13
Extra-Salted Peanuts 3stars Two peanuts were walking down the street, and they were assaulted. They had it coming. 80 5.0 21
Crucible Peanuts 4stars The peanuts of champions! Or at least the peanuts of people who sit safely in the stands while the champions get mauled to death. 160 10.0 36
Gold Roasted Peanuts 5stars The layer of honeyed gold covering these delicious peanuts is so slight, it melts in your mouth. 320 15.0 65


  • Crucible Peanuts are used in the Knothole Island trade shop. They can be found at various food stalls (not meat or pie stalls).

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