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A Pawnbroker is a type of store that is located in many of the larger settlements in Albion in Fable III. Pawnbrokers are unique in the sense that they are the only shop in Fable III that the Hero can sell their items to. The Hero can sell as many of their items they like within the limit of how much gold the Pawnbroker has at the time.

To sell items, walk towards the podiums located to the right of the till. Upon approach all the current items in your inventory which can be sold are displayed. The items are sorted by type, for example clothing. If there are many items then they will be displayed in pages which can be flipped through by using the bumpers (Xbox 360). To change to a different category of items (such as changing from clothing to weapons) can be achieved by using the triggers (Xbox 360).




  • Items such as quest items, gold keys, silver keys, trophies and condoms cannot be sold to Pawnbrokers.
  • If the Pawnbroker does not have any more gold to purchase items then they will be restocked and prepared to buy more if the Hero comes back after a few in-game days.

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