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Orchard Farm Escort
Quest Card Emblem
Type Silver Quest Icon Silver Quest
Preceding Protect Orchard Farm
Attack Orchard Farm
Succeeding None
Start Lookout Point
End Orchard Farm
Reward +100 Morality
375/125/0 gold

Orchard Farm Escort is a repeatable silver quest in Fable and The Lost Chapters. It is unique among silver quests in that it is taken directly from the contractor and not from the Guild like all other silver quests.

Quest SummaryEdit

A Trader asks you to take him to Orchard Farm from Lookout Point.


  1. Take the Trader to Orchard Farm.


Simply have the trader follow you as you head from Lookout Point to Orchard Farm. You'll go through Greatwood Entrance, which is filled with enemies who will attack both you and the trader. When you first enter Greatwood Entrance, there will be a path nearby in front of you on the left side. Inside this side path, an enemiy will spawn after you've passed it and rush out to attack you from behind. Depending on how you do, you'll get a greater reward. You can also kill him to take his items and gold.


100 morality points and either 375 gold, 125 gold, or nothing.

The list of possible rewards depending on the trader's percent health when he's reached Orchard Farm:

  • 100%: "We're here. And not a scratch on me. You've earned this gold. And here's a bonus for the hard work." - 375 gold; Jewel; +100 morality
  • 50%-100%: "We made it. You could have protected me a bit better, though. Look at me. I've got cust and bruises all over. I can't give you a reward for that." - 125 gold; +100 morality
  • 50%: "You know, I felt better protected by my underwear than by you. Forget the reward." - +100 morality


  • You can heal the trader at the last moment to get the full reward.
  • You can also kill him and get the full reward.
  • You can get half the pay and then walk away without doing anything.
  • Unlike many other escort quests, during this one, if you get too far ahead of the trader, then he'll stop following you. So, running through to the exit to Orchard Farm will not bring the trader with you.
  • If you summon a creature or take control of an enemy, the trader will run away from them despite their loyalty. Therefore, these spells are not recommended.
  • When the trader arrives at Orchard Farm, he will immediately run inside the farmhouse. This is the only time the house can be entered, and inside in a bookshelf is the rare book "The Rotten Apple".

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