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On the Run
Type Stage of the Journey
(Chapter 1)
Preceding The Storm
Succeeding A Friend in Need
Locations Fairwood
Hutch's Halt
Collectables None
Rest Stops 1

On the Run is the third stage of Chapter 1 in Fable: The Journey, and introduces Theresa to the story. Gabriel must get Theresa away from the Corruption before it overtakes them.

Walkthrough Edit

You start this stage at a sprint. Guide Seren through the red Experience Orbs, and keep away from the Corruption oozing towards you. From this point on, maintaining the stamina bar is not necessary, as you are locked into a sprint and cannot slow down. Focus on keeping away from the Corruption, as coming into contact with it will damage Seren. Patches of sunlight will burn the Corruption away, but do not last for long. After a while, shards of Corruption will begin falling down around you, and you will need to steer around them to avoid collision. A tunnel further down the trail provides a short rest before the chase resumes.

Continue sprinting down the trail, and veer right when the Corruption blocks the path ahead. You will have to continue avoiding any falling shards, as well as the black claws of the Corruption closing in around you. The walls of the canyon begin collapsing as you continue to evade its grasp. Finally, a patch of sunlight opens up ahead, and you are free, earning the achievement Saved by the Sun.

Seren is severely wounded, and you need to find a safe place to rest. Up ahead is Hutch's Halt, the first of many Rest Stops you will encounter on the journey. Most are optional, but this one is essential.

Rest Stop: Pull into the rest stop to tend to Seren.

You are guided through the removal of a splinter from a Corrupted tree that has hit Seren. Gabriel then tells Theresa that someone from the tribe may be able to help Seren, but she informs him that the horse will not be able to make the journey — the splinter was poisoned, and the poison is spreading through her body.

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