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Old Henry
Species Human
Gender Male
Relatives Russell (Son)
Home Blackholm
Relationships Ben Finn (Ally)
Enemies Droogan
First Appearance Fable: Blood Ties
Last Appearance Fable: Blood Ties
Status Deceased

Old Henry is a character in Fable: Blood Ties.

Old Henry is the leader of the ragged militia defending the town of Blackholm. An older man, he is described as being “a warrior in the most classic sense.” He is imposing yet reserved, and, despite his age, has a body of solid muscle as wide as three men, with dark eyes and a bristling grey beard.

Shortly after the events of Fable III, Old Henry is busy defending the large walled town of Blackholm from the forces of the warlord Droogan when he receives a special reinforcement to his little, under equipped militia-Ben Finn, an adventuring ex-smuggler, soldier, revolutionary hero, and friend to the new Hero King, Hero of Brightwall. Just as they finish introducing themselves, the bell rings, indicating another attack from Droogan's forces. It is during this long attack that Ben Finn proves his worth as a warrior, using his exceptional marksmanship skills to pick off a majority of Droogan's forces from afar. By the afternoon, the heavy losses incurred by the warlord's army forces them to retreat. A grateful Old Henry thanks Ben both for his assistance in the battle and for saving the life of his son, Russell. He asks Ben Finn to stay in Blackholm and help train the men, a proposal that Ben Finn agrees to.

Weeks pass as Ben Finn helps train Blackholm's militia into a competent military force. One night, however, Ben Finn and Old Henry find themselves equally at unease, and they spend the night talking to each other. Before Old Henry can give Ben a new order, however, he is suddenly struck in the head by an arrow, killing him instantly. This marks the introduction of Reaver's Half-breeds, and a second battle for Blackholm begins.

He is replaced as captain of the militia by Captain Thorpe, who ends up betraying his employer, Droogan, and allies with Old Henry's son, Russell, recently-promoted to town mayor.

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