Normanomicon Trophy
Normanomicon Trophy
Type Trophy
Base value 2,000 gold

Normanomicon is a trophy gained by completing the Fable III quest Gone But Not Forgotten. It can be viewed in the Sanctuary with the other trophies.

Trivia Edit

  • When in the Sanctuary's treasury, Jasper may comment on the infamous Normanomicon, admitting, "Ah the Normanomicon. As a young boy, I often heard tales of its sinister exploits and prayed dearly that I would never encounter it myself. Incidentally, thank you for bringing into my living quarters."
  • The Normanomicon bears a greatly-changed appearance from the one seen in Fable II. This is done in keeping with the Necronomicon, the evil book of the "Evil Dead" films that also changes appearance in every film.

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