Nigel Ferret's Gang is a powerful crime syndicate in Bowerstone led by the eponymous crime lord Nigel Ferret. The gang lord and his associates first appear in the quest Kidnapped, in which the player must rescue Geraldine (or Elliot/Elise depending on your life or death choice at the start of the game), the fiancee of Laszlo. However, at this time the gang is only small. After the Hero of Brightwall becomes king/queen, you must assist Page in destroying Nigel Ferret's crime syndicate once and for all. At this time, all the criminals in Bowerstone report to Mr. Ferret, and it would appear he has grown in intelligence and his vocabulary is more intricate.

Upon chasing tracking down the elusive Mr. Ferret and defeating his guards, the crime lord manages to escape into a prison cell, claiming that he can escape using the secret passage built within it. Unfortunately for the crime boss, the secret tunnel was built in the adjacent cell, leaving him trapped. In a desperate bid to get out of his own prison, he offers a bribe of 100,000 gold to the Hero, much to the chagrin of Page (and Ellise/Elliot if they were spared), which the Hero can choose to accept or reject. Accepting the bribe allows Mr. Ferret to escape, in which case it is unknown what happened to the gang as a whole. Rejecting the bribe sees Mr. Ferret die a slow death, as the cell had no food or water in it.

Nigel Ferret's Gang was a powerful mob organization before the actions of the Hero. Originally operating out of a base in the sewers of Bowerstone Industrial, the group eventually moved into a far more elaborate base hidden on the bank of the Bower River in Bowerstone Market. The fact that all Bowerstone criminals eventually reported to Nigel Ferret either indicates his competence as a leader or the desperation of the criminal element after the successful actions of the monarchy. Nigel Ferret's Gang employs a seemingly-endless horde of mercenaries who perform a wide variety of criminal activities, from kidnapping Geraldine to holding up The Cock in the Crown pub.

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