Species Human
First Appearance Fable III
Last Appearance Fable III
Status Alive

A nanny is a person employed to help raise another person's children.

In Fable III, a nanny will help take care your children if you do not have a spouse. A nanny will also be hired if you have a child with another player.

Unlike a spouse, a nanny requires only an acceptable allowance to continue living with you. Though it is not necessary, you can build a relationship with your child's nanny and even marry them if you want.


There is a common glitch in which your nanny will not recognize the amount of upkeep you are providing for him/her and your children, and because of that they will complain about the "little" money he/her and your child receive to survive, even if said upkeep is the maximum amount, 1000 gold coins. This only affects the nanny and your child (who will also complain), as you will still lose those 1000 coins after a day passes. No known method of circumventing these issues has been discovered.

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