Myrtle was a girl living in the Oakvale of the Snowglobe.

Myrtle lived in Myrtle's cottage which can be found on the hill opposite the Well, where the Drowned Farm is in Wraithmarsh. She appears to have been killed by the other children, an event which they later celebrated. Madam Ursula the schoolteacher states in her diary that she found Myrtle's body by her school desk and that the other children had "such wicked smiles". However, she convinced herself that it must have been an accident.

Myrtle's Cottage Edit

When you find the tea party invitation you are able to enter Myrtle's Cottage. There you'll find a group of skeletons sitting at a table. Your (Formerly) Super Best Friend Chesty has been giving a party there. There is a note saying he is sure you'll meet again. Go upstairs and there's a mirror. In the mirror you'll find the Gory Glory Red Dye. There are strangely also skeletons hanging from the coat racks.

Trivia Edit

  • Gradius1 of the Lionhead development team has suggested a parallel story of what happened to Myrtle, and the origins of Chesty.
"Myrtle was bullied and eventually killed by her schoolmates and her body hidden inside a toy chest.
The chest was of magical origin.
Her vengeful spirit was absorbed by the chest and it became a malevolent yet playful entity.
— Gradius1LHF
  • Since you don't have to own Brightwood Tower to come here, Chesty may be referring to your future meeting there, though it is strange he says again, since you've never met before. However, it is also possible to "kill" Chesty, and then find his note which then may refer to a future meeting.
  • Myrtle's name and origin may refer to the character "Moaning Myrtle" from the Harry Potter series.
  • The portait inside Myrtle's cottage depicts a skull.

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