Mutton of Eternal Hope
Mutton of Eternal Hope
Type Trophy
Effects Raises renown by 3
Source Complete the T.O.B.Y. quest
Related Quests T.O.B.Y.
Base value 3000 Gold
Stars 3stars

The Mutton of Eternal Hope is the second item you must fetch for Toby Trotter as part of the side quest T.O.B.Y.. Toby claims that it is a sacred item he can use in a ritual to cleanse Bloodstone of its seedy, sinful ways, apparently influenced by an evil gang called The Silver Serpent, but in reality, Toby is a con man, and this is merely a particularly delicious piece of mutton that Toby intends to cook and eat. It is found in a room directly above the tattoo parlour in Bloodstone and is described as "A succulent piece of meat". After either murdering Toby or chasing him out of town, the player keeps the Mutton as a trophy, to represent his or her victory over the con man. Somehow, no matter how long the player lives, the mutton never goes rotten.

Description Edit

Somehow the sight of T.O.B.Y.’s mutton fills you with a vague sense of despair rather than hope. Maybe it’s the thought of this mythic mutton creature.

Trivia Edit

  • The in-game description of this item mentioning "this mythic mutton creature" refers to the fact that while this is in fact a piece of mutton, no sheep have ever been seen in the Fable universe.

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