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Murgo Statuettes are 10 golden statuettes hidden through out the areas of the See the Future DLC. The new content places Mystical Murgo at the docks of Bowerstone Market. He has set up shop here and has several new magical items which will send your hero on new and exciting quests. As the Hero explores each new area he will be able find each of the statuettes.

There is an achievement for collecting all ten, The Con Artist.

Each description contains the following information:

  • To celebrate the record sales "Murgo's Big Book of Trading" enjoyed in its first year, the publisher commissioned a set of ten golden statuettes. Each depicted one of the salesmanship techniques Murgo describes in the "How to Scam a Sucker" chapter. All mysteriously disappeared from the warehouse before they could be marketed.

In addition, the last line of the description will be about the particular model.

Models Edit

Name Location Description Base Value
Murgo "Pay Me" Model Given to the Hero upon accepting The Snowglobe This one describes the forceful and sometimes aggressive manner required in the case of partial or deferred payments. 405 Gold
Murgo "Chicken" Model Found just after entering The Well in the Snowglobe Village. This one demonstrates how to ingratiate oneself with dimwitted farmers, by mimicking a creature they are already familiar with. 401 Gold
Murgo "Dancing" Model In Snowglobe Village, at the left end of the beach, near where you rescue one of the children. This one represents the Trader as Showman method, in which one performs a little dance number to attract the attention of potential punters. 403 Gold
Murgo "Dismissive" Model Under a bridge near the Snowglobe Village school house there is a dive spot. Enter it to come out on the hillside above the bridge where the statuette is located. This one illustrates the correct attitude to take with anyone who wishes to return an item for refund. 404 Gold
Murgo "Begging" Model Behind the second cracked wall in the Shadow Court. This one shows how to resort to a customer's pity, by pleading as pathetically as possible. Real tears are an advantage. 402 Gold
Murgo "Sycophantic" Model Behind some pillars when you first enter the Celestial Keep. As this one shows, flattery may not always get you everywhere, but it is very likely to get you a good sale. 406 Gold
Murgo "Slanderous" Model Behind some brambles on the Balverine path in the Celestial Keep, near the Hobbe statue, on the route to the Last Beacon. This one illustrates the posture one must take when dealing with competition. One finger is all that is required. 408 Gold
Murgo "Tickled Pink" Model Behind some brambles by the marsh on the Balverine path in the Celestial Keep. This one demonstrates the importance of laughter to a good sale. Make appropriate jokes and laugh heartily at the merest suggestion of humour from a potential customer. 407 Gold
Murgo "Optimistic" Model In the Mysterious Cave, vault off the ledge to the right of the chest with the Hobbe costume, and then vault again to the model. This model demonstrates the correct response to the habitual question: "And it really works?" Do not drop your thumb until it is followed by "Wow! I'll take three!" 410 Gold
Murgo "Mad Trader" Model Far right of the poison river in the Mysterious Cave. Should noisy children interfere with your business, a good scare will soon drive them away. 409 Gold

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