Murgo's Dyes are ten special dyes scattered across the new areas added with the See the Future DLC. This new DLC sees the return of Mystical Murgo, whom the Hero of Bowerstone met in Childhood. He can be found near the docks in Bowerstone Market. There is now a new stall where Murgo sells his special wares and exclusive items. These items include new quests for the Hero to undertake, Murgo's Statuettes and mysterious new dyes.

After all ten of the dyes hidden within Murgo's items have been discovered, a new achievement will be unlocked, The Colourist. You can sell them to hairstylists and clothing merchants, but that would prevent you from unlocking this achievement.

The dyes are unique and cannot be used as gifts. They can only be found in the areas of the cursed items. All of the dyes are worth 600 Gold and have a four star rating 4stars.


Name Description Location
Cursed Grey Not often used by people of a sunny and optimistic disposition, this particular shade of grey is apt to bring to mind overcast days, depressing any who see it. Snowglobe: Located in a chest in the shadow court area (restore colour first).
Balverine Brown The name refers either to the colour of a balverine’s pelt or to the results of seeing one in the flesh. Celestial Keep: Located in the sarcophagus of the same crypt containing the first three wisps.
Ethical Green Made entirely out of organic materials. Most of them fairly disgusting. Celestial Keep: Located in a chest at the Last Beacon. See Celestial Keep for details on how to reach it.
Gory Glory Red When Glory the butcher’s wife said she was going to paint the town red, nobody realised she was going to use her husband’s entrails as a brush. Snowglobe: Located in the house that can be accessed "By invite only". See Snowglobe Village for details on how to gain entry.
Jaunty Jaundice Will help you your clothes attain that healthy, golden glow. Snowglobe: Located in a chest in The Well (Restore colour first)
Night Blue Most closely resembles that colour of a still ocean shore on a moonless night, While evil ducks roast chestnuts over a nearby campfire. Celestial Keep: Located inside the Mysterious Cave, in a chest near to the one containing the Hobbe suit. Jump down on the opposite side from Murgo's Model.
Performers Blue This hue is unsuitable for children and those of a more prudish disposition. Snowglobe: Located in a chest in the windmill (Restore colour first)
Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye Despite its name, this dye contains absolutely no strawberries or strawberry derivatives. It does however contain near-toxic levels of peanuts. Colosseum: Achieved after finding all of the Colosseum Teddy Bears.
Wisp White Supposedly made out of the crushed wings of wisps, thought some disreputable dye-makers have been known to use the crushed wings of pixies instead. Celestial Keep: In the sarcophagus of the first crypt on the left after leaving the ruined keep.
Well Red The colour of choice for academics, book lovers and the sort of illiterate poseurs who buy leather-bound books solely to impress visitors. Snowglobe: Located in a chest that is down a path past the school house (Restore colour first)

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