FableIII mrs tibbins
Mrs Tibbins
Species Human
Gender Female
Relatives Saul (cousin)
Home Dweller Camp
First Appearance Fable III - Special Delivery
Last Appearance Fable III
Status Alive

Mrs Tibbins is a character in Fable III.

She is a Dweller found within the Dweller Camp outside one of the local caravans. She gives out the quest "Special Delivery", which becomes available after completing another side quest, Missing Child. She requests that the Hero deliver an interesting item she found to her cousin, Saul. This, in turn, activates the An Ancient Key quest.


  • Mrs Tibbins will not be available until the Hero completes the "Missing Child" quest in Brightwall.
  • In one of his insulting letters, Arthur mistakes Saul as her son, rather than her cousin.

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