Mr Boyle
Mr Boyle
Species Human
Gender Male
Home Bowerstone Industrial
First Appearance Fable III: Understone - The Voice
Last Appearance Fable III: Understone
Status Alive

Mr Boyle is a character in the Understone DLC in Fable III. He is the quest-giver for The Voice. He recently purchased a factory, but nobody will work there due to it being "haunted": a disembodied voice is emanating from the bowels of the factory. Mr Boyle hires the Hero to investigate the basement, where the voice is coming from. Instead, deep in the caverns beneath Bowerstone, the Hero discovers Understone, an underground community created over fifty years earlier by the rich, eccentric inventor Montague Humes, who directs the daily lives of the citizens by relaying messages over a loudspeaker system.

After fighting through Understone's defence system and discovering that Montague Humes has in fact been dead for some time, a posthumous recording by Humes details the use of his recorder, which the citizens will obey unconditionally, and places the fate of Understone in the hands of the Hero. Mr Boyle then appears, revealing that he suspected that Montague Humes had treasures or inventions hidden in the caverns, but not a whole city. He urges the Hero to use the recorder to exploit the citizens, forcing them to make high-quality clothing around the clock and without pay, allowing Mr Boyle and the Hero to secure a tidy profit (evil choice). Alternately, as the recording explains, the device can be shut down permanently and the doors will open, allowing the citizens to leave (good choice).

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