Mortimer Pain
Species Human
Gender Male
Enemies Xavier Smedley
Terence Posture
First Appearance Fable III (Mentioned)
Last Appearance Fable III
Status Deceased
Mortimer Pain is the author of the book series entitled "Famous Killers". Mortimer's series is mainly based on lies and deceit. Writing only about people who he doesn't like or who are either not famous or not a killer.

The "Killers"Edit

So far, the series contains these killers:

  • Xavier Smedley - Never killed anyone, but Mortimer dislikes him.
  • Terence Posture - Mortimer had an affair with his wife and Terence attacked them. Mortimer fled, but Terence's wife was killed.
  • Carl Tendency - Accidently shot his friend while out hunting.


  • He is buried in Mourningwood. His grave reads "Mortimer Pain. Tracked down by a famous killer." Someone in Mortimer's book probably killed him.

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