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Montague Humes
Montague Humes
Species Human
Gender Male
Home Understone
First Appearance Fable III
Last Appearance Fable III
Status Deceased

Montague Humes is a character in Fable III. He was the founder and self-appointed ruler of Understone, an underground town that is below Bowerstone. The region can be visited in the Understone Quest Pack DLC.

His legacy is discovered by a factory owner named Mr. Boyle, who calls upon the Hero of Brightwall to investigate the mysterious voice that seems to have cursed his factory and frightened off potential workers. During the Hero's investigation, they learn that Montague Humes was an eccentric and intelligent man of great wealth who greatly feared the percieved threat of The Spire five decades ago. Using his great stores of wealth, he constructed the underground city of Understone in an attempt to escape the destruction that the Spire would bring. To ensure his rule, he built a loudspeaker system that communicated messages and propaganda to the populace. Security was to be maintained by a retinue of Hollow Hobbes and Hollow Wolves, who were kept alive through an electrical process pioneered by Humes. As a final line of defense, he created a modified mechanical soldier called a Colin.

Once the Hero destroys the Colin and clears a path to Humes' mansion, it becomes readily apparent that Understone's ruler has been long deceased, indicated by the skeleton sitting at the chair. The Hero discovers that Montague converted his loudspeaker system to play back pre-recorded messages to further extend his reign of influence in an effort to condition and control the people of Understone. He also made his device able to convert one's voice to make it sound like his own, enabling anyone to play any message that they would want to relay to Understone. A posthumous recording is played, stating that if someone is listening to this, he is now dead, and will give the Hero the option to play one of either two recordings. One will tell the people they are now slaves and will work for the rest of their lives, making high quality clothing in order to save the human race. The other will shut down the machine that plays his voice, unlock a door leading to the surface of the Bowerstone Old Quarter shoreline, and will tell the people they are now free. Although Mr. Boyle comes in and tries to convince the Hero to trick the people, the fate of Undestone lies in the hands of the Hero.

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