Monster Manor is a home in Bowerstone Market in Fable II. It is south of the central clock tower, located at the end of the first alley south of the street leading off The Cow & Corset. Fairly well furnished, and plenty of room both upstairs and downstairs. It includes a door to a back alley, but this door cannot be opened or broken down, an oddity which also occurs in another house, Mendicant's Repose.

Stats Edit

Base value: 6,720 gold
Stars: 3stars
Address: 1 Market Square, Bowerstone
History: The name of this house is the result of a popular, and rather cruel, children's rhyme, which likened it's occupant with a hideous creature. The object of their ridicule was an ex-solider whose face bore the map of many battlefields, and who earned a living as a guard. The years he walked a beat of Bowerstone were among the safest the town has ever known, but his repulsive appearance meant he never got the recognition he deserved.
Bonuses: Bodybuilder, Troll Face

Furniture Edit

Trivia Edit

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