Species Human
Gender Male
Home Oakfield, Temple of Light
Enemies Shadow Worshippers

Monks are devout worshippers of the light and are located at the Temple of Light in Oakfield. They are lead by a head monk known as the Abbot, who leads them in performing the Golden Oak Ritual that blesses Oakfield with its fertile fields. The monks dress themselves in a long robe of light grey and red colours. They can be found mainly at the Temple of Light, but often wander to other parts of Oakfield. In rare cases, they can be seen in Bowerstone.

These monks seem to be descendents of the priests found in the Temple of Avo, following its destruction. The monks are a stark contrast to the Shadow Worshippers, and often times, find themselves at odds with the group.

Upon completion of Defender of the Light, the presence of monks in Albion, especially around Oakfield, is more abundant.

The Hero can also donate money to the monks by undertaking the Donating to the Light quest, which earns them experience, purity, good morality points, a decrease in age, and possibly, The Rising Sun.

Albert the Luminous Edit

Main article: Albert the Luminous

The founder of the Temple of Light was pilgrim from Bowerstone called Albert the Luminous. He arrived in Oakfield while on a desperate pilgrimage, in search of spiritual answers that could no longer be found.


  • You can buy the Monk's Robe outfit.
  • The Monk Robe seems to sit on the Heroes' body a few inches wider than it should, giving the appearance of fatness. The same goes for shadow-worshipper's robe.
  • Although seemingly non-existent, it has been reported that female monks can be randomly seen during Slave Rescue quests. See gallery below.
  • Odd enough, the Temple of Light monks will not be charitable towards you, as they will sneer you off when you beg for gold from them. Same for the Extort expression that they will not yeild to you entirely. But the Shadow Worshippers will share gold with you when you beg and will yeild almost entirely (But not always) to the extort expression.


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