Mirror's Mist
Area of the Snowglobe
Mirror&-39;s Mist
Location Information
Exits Snowglobe Village

Mirror's Mist is a location in the See the Future DLC for Fable II.

It can be found in the Cursed Snowglobe area. To access this area you need to find Chesty's Tea Party Invitation, and go inside the tea party house. When you get inside the house, you will see a table with skeletons sitting in chairs and skulls and food around it. On the table you will find A Note from Chesty. Upon further reading the note, Chesty states that eventually "we will meet again", but until then tells the reader to go upstairs and look deep into the mirror and reach inside.

Inside the mirror is Mirror's Mist; when going through the area, it seems similar to Chesty's world and there you will find a bottle containing Gory Glory Red Dye as a treasure.


  • Above the dye is a skeleton, which could pose the question as to whether or not the person was a victim of Chesty's games.

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