Miracle Manor is a home in Bowerstone Market in Fable II. Miracle Manor is located across the street from Vestry Manor on the road that leads to Fairfax Gardens. Miracle Manor also has The House of the Ghostly Puffin to its right (with a cellar in-between), and The Beautification Factory to its left.

Miracle Manor is an average sized house with the second level being more pleasant than the first. It has 2 trophy places, one upstairs, and one down. It also has an attic where you can find a chest containing 300 gold.

Stats Edit

Base value: 24,000 gold
Stars: 4stars
Address: 4 Posh Street, Bowerstone
History: The day alchemist Leo Head bought this house, the people of Bowerstone rejoiced, for they knew the renowned alchemist's inventions would benefit them all. Here he experimented with the potions that eventually led him to be wealthy enough to build what is known as Castle Fairfax.
Bonuses: Health Regeneration

Furniture Edit