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Species Human
Gender Female
First Appearance Fable Fortune
Status Alive

Miracle, known as Magda to her friends, is a playable hero in Fable Fortune.

Background Edit

Miracle! The Grand Duchess of Draughts, Distiller of Destiny, and Magnificent Mixer of Marvels.

Gather round as Albion’s true pioneer of potions creates tantalizing tonics before your very eyes! The weak will become strong! The ugly transformed! Turn your slack jaws skyward as colourful explosions burst forth (Miracle accepts no responsibility for any burns, mild dismemberment or permanent loss of human-form inflicted during these exciting displays!).

So roll up one and all! Bring a sense of wonder, bring an open mind, bring fire-proof clothes and PLENTY of disposable income, because for one night only Miracle is willing to sell YOU the potion of your dreams, and she guarantees absolute satisfaction down to the very last drop of her expertly prepared elixirs.

You may ask yourself...

"Why is Albion’s greatest alchemist travelling around in an old caravan?"

"Why did she make us sign all those legal waivers?"

"Why have my hands turned into horses hooves?"

And possibly more revealing...

"Why is she riding away at speed with all our money?"

Playstyle and Abilities Edit

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