The Megafun Mansion is a buyable property in Bowerstone Market in Fable III. It becomes available for purchase only after completing the quest The Game. There is a note from Arthur, laying on a table on the upper floor insulting the three 'magi', Mark, Jim, and Ben.

Stats Edit

Base value: [...] gold
Base income: [...] gold
Location: Bowerstone Market, Old Quarter Road. First house on the right when coming from Old Quarter.

Notes Edit

  • Often a bug in the program will make this property unrepairable from the map in the Sanctuary and you must travel there, and interact with the sign directly, to repair it.
  • Sometimes, if the property is viewed at the Sanctuary map table, Jim will be listed as the owner.
  • As prospects for decoration go, Megafun Mansion is notable. The Decorative-quality furniture downstairs is fixed and cannot be swapped out, as is the map table. A great deal of Broken-quality furniture upstairs, however, bears room for much improvement. The shelf ornament prospects are semi-unique in that many of the available sets feature unusually enlarged books that are presumably Jim and company's gaming books, and the large table upstairs has a dungeon master's screen and various gaming paraphernalia. Though the price won't go much higher than 12,000, a lover of table-top RPGs may well wish to own Megafun Mansion and keep it as their player's residence in Bowerstone Market simply due to the charming prospect of it being a fantastic gamer's pad.

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