Meat Pies are a food item available in Fable II. Meat pies offer downwards of 2000 strength experience points, depending on the quality of the pie. This being said, the fatness points of better quality meat pies are also higher. No positive purity points can be attained from meat pies, as is the case for any meat product in the Fable II world.

Meat Pie TypesEdit

Name Stars Description Healing Points Purity STR Exp. Fatness Base Value
Hollow Man Flesh Pie 1star The term "savoury" was never so ironically applicable. 40 -20.0 0 10.0 11
Kidney and 'Friends' Pie 2stars Some people consider this fatty meat pie a delicacy. And that's very sad. 80 -15.0 16 10.0 24
Bits O' Beef Pie 3stars If the meat seems a bit sparse, take smaller bites. 160 -10.0 80 10.0 56
Savoury Steak Pie 4stars If you see this mouthwatering pie and fret about weight gain, you need to re-examine your priorities. 320 -5.0 400 10.0 152
Filet Mignon Pie 5stars The soft flaky shell can barely contain the divine cuts of tender beef stuffed inside. 640 -1.0 2000 10.0 493

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