Masks are an item of clothing in Fable II that cover the face. Since Helmets and all armour has been abolished, they are the only way of covering your face.

Basic Game ContentEdit

Ballroom Mask

Attractiveness: 1.0%
Poshness: 2.5%

Eye Patch

Aggressiveness: 2.5%

Highwayman Mask

Attractiveness: 1.0%
Aggressiveness: 1.0%

Shadow-worshipper Mask

Evil: 10.0%

DLC ContentEdit

Chasm Mask

Evil: 5.0%

Solar Shielding Spectacles

Attractivness: 10.0%

Fable IIIEdit

  • It is probable that Masks will be in Fable III as you can hear Jasper talking about wearing a mask and being anonymous in the Dev Diary 2.
  • There are two masks available in Fable III. One for the Men's Masquerade Suit and one for the Women's Masquerade Suit.