Species Human
Gender Male
Relationships Jim (Friend, fellow gamer)

Ben (Friend, fellow gamer)

First Appearance Fable III
Last Appearance The Last Role of the Dice
Status Alive

Mark is a character in Fable III. He is one of the three "magi" the Hero encounters during the quest The Game.

His self-proclaimed title is "Madron of a Thousand Faces." In reality, Mark is an avid gamer who enjoys playing Hollows and Hobbes with his friends Ben and Jim. Like his friends, Mark wears a red robe. Unlike his friends, however, he also adorns a mask, indicating his status as Dungeon Master.

Throughout the game, he makes most of the storyline and supplies the props for their board game. Mark is also forced to compromise between the wishes of Ben and Jim, who have differing opinions on the nature of the game. This often means that he has to make the game more violent as to pervade Ben's "prettier" moments in the game. As the Dungeon Master, Mark is further responsible for generating the combat encounters, usually on the spot.


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