Marcus's Poem is found in the Fairfax Gardens Demon Door on a small column in a clearing.

Contents Edit

I've been around the world
I've seen a million things
I've fought in countless wars
And dined with many kings.

I've seen the northern lights
I've counted all the stars
Been in 'n' out of Saturn's rings
And started life on Mars.

I'm fluent in every language
I've tasted each cuisine
I've stayed in every palace
And lived what people dream.

I was there when it began
And I know when it will end
My only enemy is man.
Yet you are still my dearest friend.

I invented evolution
I gave you your first breath
I was there at your conception
And I'll be there at the time of death.

"Marcus Pete Robert Welfare"

Notes Edit

  • The name of the poem is a reference to "Marcus Welfare," who was a developer who worked on Fable: The Lost Chapters, The Movies, and Black & White 2. He died at 19 years of age.
  • During the credits, the development team wrote an in memory section for Marcus Welfare, further increasing the possibility of the poem being named about him.
  • The poem was written by Marcus himself.

References Edit

In Remembrance: Marcus Welfare

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