The Map to Lucien's Diary is a quest item given to the Hero of Bowerstone during the quest The Bargain. It is written by Jeeves, Lord Lucien's former butler. The map, as its name suggests, shows and gives directions to where he buried Lucien's Diary.

Map ContentsEdit

Lest the fire waters I am so fond of imbibing these days burn the memory from my mind, here are the instructions for finding Lord Lucien's diaries. Perhaps I can sell them one day and make a profit off the old tyrant. In Bower Lake, lying in the shadow of the hill named after Heroes, are the stumps of three trees. In that spot have I buried this diary.


  • The "fire waters" are a reference to whisky and Jeeves also states that he loves drinking whisky.
  • The description of this map is much more eloquent than Jeeves' note, which shows that he wasn't under the influence of alcohol when he wrote this.

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