Species Human
Gender Male
Home Bowerstone Old Town
Enemies Pete
First Appearance Fable II
Last Appearance Fable II
Status Alive
"Stupid Pete. You snooze, I take your booze!"
— Magpie

Magpie is a tramp residing in Bowerstone Old Town. He is infamous for stealing from other tramps; he lives in a small alleyway which contains piles of things he has stolen.

Magpie has stolen a wine bottle from Pete, and he wants it back. Both Pete and his friend, Betty, hire Rose and Sparrow to steal the bottle back. However, Pete will pay for the Hero to give it to him, while Betty will pay to keep it out of his hands.

Magpie is found nearby, sleeping. Sparrow simply has to walk up to him and steal the bottle, which is right beside him. Once the bottle is stolen Magpie remains asleep until you smash a few of his boxes which Sparrow will receive evil points for.


"I don't want to wake up, mummy."
— Magpie, while sleeping.
"No, officer. I came by all this stuff legally."
— Magpie, while sleeping.
"No, mumsy. I don't want to have a bath."
— Magpie, while sleeping.
"Oh, don't... don't call me a thief. My name is Magpie."
— Magpie, while sleeping.
"Oh, that would look nice on a mantle. I've got to steal a mantle."
— Magpie, while sleeping.
"Hey, where'd the bottle go? Don't say I put it in the pile... Damn, I'll never find it. I really should tidy up sometime."
— Magpie, upon waking up and finding the bottle missing.


  • While sleeping, Magpie will occasionally talk about stealing things. (True)
  • Even though Rose tells Sparrow to be careful not to wake him up, Magpie will remain asleep even if the player runs and smashes up his boxes. However, the Hero will receive evil points every time an attempt to wake Magpie up is made. (False)

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