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Magic Objects control the usage of magic in Fable III. They include gauntlets and spell potions.

Gauntlets Edit

All magic in Fable III is channeled through Will Gauntlets. Just like your melee and ranged weapons, these gauntlets morph and change depending on how you use magic. If you choose to unlock the Spell Weaving ability on the Road to Rule, you can wear two gauntlets, one on each arm, to weave different spells together. For example: wearing the gauntlet of Shock and the Fireball gauntlet will allow the Hero to launch a projectile that does fire and lightning damage. [1].

In Fable III there are 6 gauntlets that are unlocked in the Road to Rule. They are (ordered by obtainability) Fireball, Shock, Ice Storm, Vortex, Force Push, and Blades. The Archmage achievement is obtained by using all 15 unique combinations of different gauntlets. Spellweaving can be obtained after opening the fourth gate on the Road to Rule.

Spellweave CombinationsEdit

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Fireball Shock Ice Storm Vortex Force Push Blades Description
X X Enemies are shocked, possibly stunned and burnt with an attack similar to Enflame.
X X Enemies are damaged as ice rains from above while an attack similar to Enflame occurs.
X X Enemies are sucked up and thrown around in a firestorm.
X X A wall of fire that throws enemies back.
X X Flaming swords that impale and burn enemies.
X X Enemies suffer falling shards of ice and are shocked and possibly stunned in the process.
X X Creates an electrical storm that picks up and throws around enemies while they are being shocked.
X X Throws enemies back and shocks them.
X X Electrical swords that impale, shock and possibly stun enemies.
X X Creates an ice-storm similar to the other elemental combos.
X X Pushes enemies back while being rained upon by ice.
X X Frozen daggers impale enemies while an ice storm rains down ice.
X X Enemies are pushed back, then picked up and thrown around.
X X Enemies are picked up and thrown around, then impaled by swords.
X X Enemies are pushed back, blades then impale them.
Fireball Shock Ice Storm Vortex Force Push Blades Description

Notes Edit

  • When the Hero receives the Fireball Spell Gauntlet, Theresa explains, "There is a great power inside you. You merely lack the means to unleash it. Take this."
  • Using the Vortex spell is an easy way to get the Pull! achievement.
  • Some stronger enemies, such as large Mercenaries and Sentinels, will not be affected by the stun effects of Shock, picked up by Vortex, or be pushed back by Force Push.
  • When using Ice Storm, the storm will appear above the Hero attacking multiple enemies based on proximity and will tend to move slightly over more enemies. The storm itself does not encompass the entire area of effect but rather over the small general area of an enemy around the player. If that particular enemy should die, the storm will move to the next enemy, meaning that the storm can be viewed to move all over the battlefield.
  • Any consecutive spell will cancel the effect of the previous spell; for example, a powerful vortex will stop doing damage if a weaker vortex is cast.
  • Vortex and Ice Storm are the only spells that have lingering effects after they have been cast.
  • Blades is not an effective spell to use when surrounded by enemies since there is a minor time delay after it is cast and only a certain number of target enemies are affected. It is more effective when used as a targeted attack along with the directional joystick.
  • Despite Force Push being the second-to-last spell obtainable on the Road to Rule, it is the least powerful spell in Fable III in terms of raw damage dealt.

Spell Potions Edit

Along with gauntlets, there are two spells available in single-use potions. They are Slow Time and Summon Creatures. Unlike in Fable II, these potions allow the Hero to perform a total of 3 spells in quick succession, whereas in Fable II the player must wait as each spell is performed and then cast. As the player increases his/her magic level, the creatures that are summoned will become more powerful. At magic level one, beetles are summoned. At level two, hobbes are summoned. At level three, shadows are summoned. At levels four and five, balverines are summoned.


  • All summoned creatures are fairly durable, beetles for instance are quite capable of slowing down an approaching wave of enemies, even if those enemies are physically stronger (such as dark minions).
  • Balverines are capable of holding off large waves of powerful enemies for long periods of time, including dark minions and sentinels. They are similarly capable of winning such battles depending on number of remaining enemies, they only have difficulty when fighting other balverines (as they too possess high evasion).
  • Slow Time and Summon Creatures can be received as gifts from villagers, purchased at potion stalls or found in dig spots and treasure chests.

Trivia Edit

  • The need for Gauntlets by the Hero of Brightwall for the ability to channel Will could be indicative of a weakening power along the bloodline after ancestors had children with those lacking Archon blood. However, the Hero could also have been limited by the lack of a teacher skilled in Will and/or the loss of the knowledge of how to use it without Gauntlets.

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