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Lugaru or The Coachman
Species Human/Balverine
Gender Male
First Appearance Fable: The Balverine Order
Last Appearance Fable: The Balverine Order
Status Deceased

Lugaru, or the Coachman, is the leader of The Balverine Order.

Thomas unknowingly first met Lugaru when the balverine murdered his brother, Stephen. It was this death that inspired Thomas to leave his home in the Millfields and go hunting for balverines.

Once his adventure gets underway, Thomas and his loyal companion, James, meet Lugaru in the form of "The Coachman," he sends them to the town of Windside.

Later on, when Thomas and James join nobleman Ethan Kreel on a balverine hunt, it is revealed that the noble is actually a fellow member of the Balverine Order. He promptly knocks out the two young Heroes and takes them to the Balverine Temple, where Lugaru prepares to turn the duo into balverines. However, at the last second, Lugaru is cheated of his new recruits when Quentin Locke saves the boys.

When Quentin, Thomas, and James claimed the weapons of the Triumvirate, they returned to the temple to destroy the order. There, Thomas planned to engage Lugaru in a duel with his new sword, the Quicksilver. However, Thomas never actually got his revenge on Lugaru for killing his brother. Moments before Thomas was to kill Lugaru, the balverine killed himself by tearing out his neck with his own claws, claiming that he was always stronger.

Trivia Edit

  • While frail and old in human form, in balverine form, he is quick and agile, having a shining black coat.
  • His name is probably a play on loup-garou (pronounced similarly), the French word for werewolf.

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