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Bandit Trousers

Aggressiveness: 5%
Nobody knows where bandits buy their clothes, but they probably stitch and sew them themselves, when no one's looking. It's a wonder these trousers don't rip at the first opportunity

Classic Chequered Trousers

Attractiveness: 5%

Explorer Trousers

Gypsy Male Trousers

Hal's Leg Armour

Attractiveness: 5%

Harlequin Trousers

Raunchiness: 10%
These ubiquitous can be worn both by jesters and male prostitutes, with differing affects.

Highwayman Trousers

Hot Pants

Attractiveness: 5%

Layered Skirt

Noble Gent's Pants

Attractiveness: 10%

Noble Skirt

Attractiveness: 10%

Pauper Skirt

Attractiveness: -5%

Pauper Trousers

Ranger Trousers

Signature Skirt

Attractiveness: 5%

Spire Guard Trousers

Aggressiveness: 5%

Tart Skirt

Raunchiness: 10%

Will User Trousers

Attractiveness: 5%

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