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Here is the entire list of achievements, and their points, in Fable II Pub Games:

Name Description Points
Not Just Another Mark Earn a 3-star rating. 10
High Roller's Club Earn a 5-star rating. 20
I Want It All Earn all 15 unique items. 40
No Stone Unturned Get a jackpot in Keystone. 10
Warrior's Luck Get a jackpot in Fortune's Tower. 10
Serious Stakeholder Have a bankroll over 2,500 gold. 20
Penultimate Player Place in a tournament. 10
Big Spinner Win at least 100 times your bet at any Spinnerbox game. 10
Fortunate Finder Unlock a new game of any type. 10
Lucky Locksmith Unlock all games. 30
Champion of Chance Win a tournament. 30
Fabled Financier Play a Pub Game with your Fable II hero. 0

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