Gifts are a way to treat someone in Fable II. This is a complete list of all the gifts available to find or purchase in the game.


Main article: Chocolate

Name Stars Description Poshness Friendliness Base Value
Gravel Chocolate 1star Less likely to melt someone's heart than to disintegrate their teeth. -20.0% 20.0% 20
Mudbrick Chocolate 2stars Well, it's brown, but that doesn't necessarily make it chocolate. Still, at least its sweet. In an unusual and repugnant way. -10.0% 20.0% 40
Milk Chocolate 3stars Sometimes, nothing but chocolate will do, even if it's this inexpensive and slightly chalky variety. 0.0% 20.0% 80
Pure Chocolate 4stars Whoever you give this to is bound to love the delicate but rich chocolaty taste. 10.0% 20.0% 160
Superior Chocolate 5stars How could anyone resist such an exquisite confection? Smooth, luxurious and seductive. 20.0% 20.0% 320


Main article: Toys

Name Stars Description Childishness Base Value
Teddy Bear 3stars Despite bears obviously being mythical creatures, children nonetheless believe in their existence. As if something so cute and cuddly could be real. 20.0% 25
Toy Sword 3stars Children are never too young to learn how to wield a sword. Though this is perhaps a little too large for a toddler. 20.0% 25
Toy Gun 3stars Bring out a child's inner highwayman with this scale model of a flintlock firearm. 20.0% 25
Toy Bow 3stars A delightful present for any child. It also prepares them for the savage violence that is life. 20.0% 25
Toy Horse 3stars For those who don't have the wealth to give their children a pony, this is the next best thing. 20.0% 25
Ragdoll 3stars For some reason little girls love clutching these weird, misshaped dolls. Perhaps because they're secretly using it for black magic rituals. 20.0% 25
Porcelain Doll 3stars A delightful present for any child. Until its little porcelain face shatters during routine play. 20.0% 25


Main article: Flowers

Name Stars Description Poshness Romance Base Value
Fake Flowers 1star They may look real, but prolonged exposure to the cheap alchemical materials used to make these flowers can lead to death. -20.0% 22.5% 25
Cheap Flowers 2stars Liable to wilt in your hand as you give them to your beloved. -10% 22.5% 50
Freshly Picked Flowers 3stars They smell of spring, but probably won't last your loved one more than a few days. 0.0% 22.5% 100
Honey-scented Flowers 4stars These alchemically treated flowers smell so wonderfully whoever you give them to will swoon with delight. 10.0% 22.5% 200
Gilded Flowers 5stars Their natural floral beauty simply not being good enough, this bouquet of roses has been gilded with 14-carat invisible gold. Your love interest's eyes are sure to glaze over with cupidity and avarice. 20.0% 22.5% 400


Main article: Rings

Name Stars Description Romance Base Value
Beggar's Ring 1star It may look pretty at first glance, but it's likely to rot the wearer's finger. 22.5% 50
Mood Ring 2stars This ring changes colours to reflect its wearer's mood. Expect it to be red most of the time, due to your beloved's anger at receiving such a worthless ring. 22.5% 100
Civil Ring 3stars It may not be made from the most precious materials, but it has a high success rate when it comes to engagements. 22.5% 200
Forever Ring 4stars This wonderful ring will melt the heart of all but the most fastidious. 22.5% 400
Eternal Love Ring 5stars Love may be immaterial, but having the most expensive ring in the world always helps. No finger can fail to be enchanted. 22.5% 800


Main article: Jewels

Name Stars Description Poshness Friendliness Base Value
Jet 1star Less a gem than a chunk of decayed and fossilized wood. You can probably find equally stylish examples from the wreck of a burned down house. 5.0% 20.0%  ?
Amethyst 2stars An inexpensive but lovely gem. It was said to be a favourite among Old Kingdom maidens, but the recent discovery of large deposits has lowered its value. 10.0% 20.0% 400
Emerald 3stars Relatively common and found in many Albion mines, emeralds are nevertheless valued for their vibrancy. 15.0% 20.0% 1000
Ruby 4stars This rather rare precious stone makes a great romantic gift. 20.0% 20.0% 2500
Diamond 5stars The rarest of precious stones, and guaranteed to drive the object of your affections wild with desire. 25.0% 20.0% 6250


Main article: Perfumes

Name Stars Description Poshness Romance Base Value
'Eau D'Hobbe' Perfume 1star Someone has managed to cram all the stench of a Hobbe into one reeking bottle. Why? The world may never know. No human should ever willingly apply this to their body or attire. -20.0% 22.5% 30
Permutation Perfume 2stars This cologne smells predominately of compost and a new baby's head. Popular amongst senior citizens. -10.0% 22.5% 60
'Scanque' Perfume 3stars One spritz of Scanque and you'll attract that special someone. And that one... and that one... and that one... 0.0% 22.5% 120
Love Potion No. 9.042 4stars This perfume is rather expensive, due to the operating costs incurred by extracting the musk from live Balverines. It'll get you a date though-- 60% of the time, it works every time. 10.0% 22.5% 240
Pixie Tears' Perfume 5stars Only the finest pixies are selected, and the makers are careful to make them cry with joy rather than sorrow for that extra sweet scent. 20.0% 22.5% 480


Main article: Necklaces

Name Stars Description Poshness Romance Base Value
Rusty Necklace 1star Rumours of people's heads falling off after wearing cheap jewelery like this are mostly unfounded. -20.0% 22.5% 100
Economy Value Necklace 2stars It may look like a perfectly good piece of jewelery at first glance, but take a closer look and you'll see a very shoddy piece of garbage. -10.0% 22.5% 200
Pretty Necklace 3stars It's not an example of great workmanship, but it won't fall apart in your beloved's hands or cause even mild neck gangrene. 0.0% 22.5% 400
Precious Necklace 4stars An eye catching piece of jewelery that is almost too beautiful to be worn in public. 10.0% 22.5% 800
Solid Gold Necklace 5stars Jewelery like this is the reason rich people have steel-reinforced necks. An exquisitely crafted necklace, made with the finest and rarest materials. 20.0% 22.5% 1600


  • Giving gifts will increase your morality by 1 point per every 100 gold of value.

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