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Expressions are a gameplay feature in Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters that can be used to impress or scare the various citizens of Albion.

Social ExpressionsEdit

Acquired at the beginning of the game.

Icon Name Availability
BelchBelchBeginning of Game
FartFartBeginning of Game
FollowFollowBeginning of Game
WaitWaitBeginning of Game
GiggleGiggleBeginning of Game


Acquired by becoming more famous.

Icon Name Availability
BloodlustroarBlood Lust RoarRenown Rank 5
FlirtFlirtBeginning of Game
ManlyarmpumpManly Arm Pump Renown Rank 2
ScarylaughScary LaughRenown Rank 3
SexyheroposeSexy Hero PoseRenown Rank 4
SneerSneerRenown Rank 1


Acquired based on your current alignment.

Icon Name Availability
AirguitarAir GuitarSlightly Evil
ApologiseApologiseSlightly Good
CossackdanceCossack DanceBeginning of Game
CrotchgrabCrotch GrabExtremely Good
DiscodanceDisco DanceExtremely Good
FlamencodanceFlamenco DanceModerately Good
KissmyassKiss My AssMultiple Alignments
MiddlefingerMiddle FingerModerately Evil
TapdanceTap DanceMultiple Alignments
ThanksThanksModerately Good
VulgarthrustVulgar ThrustExtremely Evil
  • If Apologise is used after committing a crime (either to the villager reporting it or a guard), any non-violent crimes will be forgiven and fines dropped.
  • Oddly the Hero can do an evil laugh with his mouth closed.


Icon Name Availability

Guile Rank 6

StealStealGuile Rank 3

The Lost ChaptersEdit

Fable: The Lost Chapters added, among other things, new Expressions. Here is a list of those new expressions.

Icon Name Availability
AvistoAvistoOracle of Snowspire Quest
CalranCalranOracle of Snowspire Quest
MorykMorykOracle of Snowspire Quest
YeronYeronOracle of Snowspire Quest
BalletBallet DanceExtremely Good
CockadoodledooCock-A-Doodle-DooChicken Kicking Competition
InsultInsultModerately Evil

References Edit

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