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Lionhead Back Tattoo

The Lionhead Back Tattoo is a tattoo available in Fable:The Lost Chapters and Fable Anniversary. It is found within a grave in Snowspire.


Lions are fabled creatures that are supposed to exist in warm climates, hunting their prey by night and sleeping in shadows by day. The Lionhead image was worn by a group of men in the Old Kingdom whose sole purpose in life was to take over the world, planning to do so under cover of night. Their over-ambitious plans failed with the invention of torches.

Category: Tattoo

Type: Back

Armour Rating: None

Alignment Modifier: +45

Attract Bonus: +30

Scariness: -20


  • The Lionhead Back Tattoo is a reference to Lionhead Studios, the company that created and developed the entire Fable franchise.

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