Gnome Lionel
Species Gnome
Gender Male
Relationships Brian (Owner)
First Appearance Fable III - Gnomes are Evil!
Last Appearance Fable III
"Your mother!"
— Lionel, to Brian

Lionel is one of the garden gnomes owned by Brian in Brightwall in Fable III.

In the quest Gnomes are Great!, the eccentric Brian, the proud owner of a collection of fifty garden gnomes, asks the Hero to retrieve a special package for him, a sinister gargoyle, which Brian then uses in a ritual to bring all his gnomes to life. In the succeeding quest, Gnomes are Evil!, Brian reveals that, shortly after he gave them life, all his gnomes turned evil and deserted him. All but one.

The gnome named Lionel has remained, and has driven Brian out of his own house. Brian pleads with the Hero to go inside and "try to talk some sense into him!" Inside the house, Lionel is posted up high on a wall, and will constantly insult and taunt the Hero, whose only choice is to shoot the gnome. Once shot, Lionel promptly disappears and magically reappears back out in the garden with Brian, still sentient but apparently trapped. Brian then asks the Hero to hunt down the rest of his gnomes and return them.

Quotes Edit

"This is MY house now!" - Lionel, inside Brian's house.

"You can't touch me! No one can!"

"You a friend of Brian's? He's a fine fellow. [Laughs] Yeah, a fine, fancy little fellow."

"I'm gonna make Brian sleep out by the pond. And I'm gonna charge him rent!"

"Seems Brian's got himself a girlfriend. Set his sights awfully low." - Lionel, likely directed at the Hero.

"Do you ever shoot that gun you have, or are you just compensating for something?"

"What are you staring at?! Do you fancy little fellows with pointy hats?"

"I'm not scared of you or your gun! You can just get stuffed."

"What are you gonna do? Shoot me? Oh, I'm quaking in my little boots."

"Your mother!" - Lionel to Brian, when Lionel has been returned to the garden.

Trivia Edit

  • Lionel and Brian's 'best friend' Jonathan are the only two gnomes who are mentioned by name.
  • Speaking of Lionel, Brian will remark, "He always had a chip on his shoulder, that one. I tried patching it, but it didn't do any good." If the Hero lingers by Brian before going in the house to retrieve Lionel, Brian will say, "That Lionel, he was the only one I wasn't sure of, you know, but I suppose you have to love all your gnomes the same."

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