Species Human
Gender Female
Relatives Shan (Younger Brother)
Home Sammah
Relationships Kuvar (Ally)
Enemies The Empress
First Appearance Fable: Edge of the World
Last Appearance Fable: Edge of the World
Status Deceased

Lin is a character in Fable: Edge of the World. She is the oldest sister of Shan.

Born in the village of Sammah under the shadow of the nearby Blade Mountains, Lin once enjoyed a life of prosperity and peace under the fair rule of Samarkand's great ruler, Emperor Zarak. His corruption at the hands of his new bride, The Empress, started the process that culminated in his death, her rise, and Samarkand's downfall. As the Empress lorded over her new kindgom, the Darkness returned in the desert continent, forcing Lin and her family to escape into the prospering, pastoral lands of Albion to the west.

Attempting to cross the infamous Sakur Pass through the Blade Mountains, Lin's family and fellow refugees found themselves hounded by the Shadows, who slowly claimed the lives of each refugee. Their attacks, coupled with the unforgiving environment of the Blade Mountains itself, saw every refugee look out for only themself save Lin and her younger brother, who she was inspired to keep alive after they lost their father, their mother, their younger sister, and their infant brother.

Tragically, Lin would eventually join the rest of her family. As Shan started to succumb to the frigid cold while hanging on an icy ledge, Lin went back to save him. Unfortunately, this saw her lose her own hold and she tumbled downwards. Though she survived the fall, she could not resist the cold, succumbing to it before the shadows got to her.

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