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The Letter from Rose is presented to the Hero of Bowerstone if he/she chooses the Love card after defeating Lucien in Fable II. It is a note from the Hero's sister in which she mentions Scythe, although not by name.

Letter Contents Edit

Dear Sparrow,

I woke up today in such a peculiar place. It's like a great big forest, with lots and lots of trees that go on forever. I was scared at first because I couldn't find you, but there's someone here who says he knows us, says he knows our family. He told me his name, but I keep forgetting it. Weird. I think he's a king or something. He's very thin and wears a hood and looks scary, but he's nice and I feel safe with him here. I hope you're okay Little Sparrow. Somehow I know that it's all going to be alright, and we'll be together again one day. He promised me.


Trivia Edit

  • It has been confirmed by Gradius1 at Lionhead that the hooded man Rose writes about is Scythe LHF; though it was thought before by some that the figure may have been Jack of Blades.

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    • i saw on a site that lionhead actually confirmed who this hooded guy is, forgot what they said tho
    • They confirmed the hooded man was Scythe. (What they haven't confimed 100% is that Scythe is William Black.)

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