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Learning the Ropes
Type Stage of the Journey
(Chapter 1)
Preceding None
Succeeding The Storm
Locations Kerr's Halt
Albion Way
Collectables None
Optional Stops 1

Learning the Ropes is the first stage of Fable: The Journey, and serves as the tutorial of basic carriage controls. Katlan's convoy of dwellers is journeying south to Shalefields for the summer. Gabriel, however, has been daydreaming, and once again has been left behind. Katlan finds him at Kerr's Halt with Seren.

Walkthrough Edit

You start out in a field at the side of the road, Seren in front of you. Call out to her to get her attention. Follow the tutorial on grooming your horse, and Katlan will arrive shortly afterwards. After this short conversation, you will head out onto the main trail, where you will learn the basics of trotting, galloping and steering. After passing through a tunnel, you will run into some rough terrain. Slow Seren to a trot to avoid taking damage while passing across it.

Once through the area of rough terrain, Katlan comments on the fact the route later on reaches the coast. He wishes to see you come to a complete stop, in the event of you coming too close to the edge of a cliff. A bit further down the road, you are introduced to the Experience Orbs which can be collected while travelling. Green orbs can be collected at any speed, while blue orbs can only be collected while trotting, and red orbs while sprinting. Sprinting is introduced shortly.

After passing through another tunnel, you arrive on the Albion Way, the long-distance highway running along the coast of Albion's northern Edgelands. In the distance, you can see the city of Bowerstone. Katlan notices a strange storm that appears to be coming from the Spire, and decided to leave Gabriel to head back to the convoy. After Katlan leaves, you are introduced to sprinting, and earn the achievement The Open Road.

Your objective now is to catch up to the tribe. Sprint along the coastal road, making sure not to crash into the rocks at the sides of the trail. Each collision will knock a bit off Seren's health bar. As you pass through a cave, a popup window appears, indicating that an Optional Stop is approaching. Slow down or stop inside the Glowing Circle to activate it.

Continue ahead along the Albion Way, crossing a couple of bridges over a river gorge, until you catch up with the convoy. As you arrive, Katlan is speaking with Daniel and Xander about hobbe raiding parties roaming the Edgelands. He then heads off to the front of the convoy, leaving Gabriel at the back to watch out for danger.

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