Laura F3
Species Human
Gender Female
Relatives Eve (Daughter)
Home Brightwall
Relationships Unnamed husband
First Appearance Fable III - Missing Child
Last Appearance Fable III
Status Alive

Laura is a character in Fable III who is involved in the quest Missing Child.

The Hero meets Laura as she is standing by the bridge to Brightwall, looking for her daughter, Eve. Eve has been missing for hours, and Laura is frantic with worry. She mentions that Eve's father is always filling the little girl's head with tales of gold to be found in the caves in nearby Mistpeak Valley, and believes that's where Eve has gone. She asks the Hero to find Eve and bring her home.

Once the Hero finds Eve in the Chillbreath Caverns and kills the wolves inhabiting it, the Hero guides Laura's daughter back home, venturing through the dangerous Mistpeak Valley and defending the girl from the creatures that inhabit Mistpeak. Once the Hero returns to Laura, Eve rushes into Laura's arms, who tightly embraces her daughter and thanks the Hero, declaring herself a follower of the Hero.


  • Laura is one of the first characters mentioned during the development of Fable III, as she was mentioned in the Fable III Combat Gameplay video.

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