Species Human
Gender Male
Relatives Elise (possible wife)
Geraldine (possible wife)
Home Bowerstone Industrial
Relationships Elise (possible fiancée)
Geraldine (possible fiancée)
Enemies Nigel Ferret
First Appearance Fable III - Life In The Castle
Last Appearance Fable III
Status Alive

Laszlo is the owner of the Bowerstone Industrial Homeless Shelter and Orphanage if the Hero is male. If the player is female, the character will be a woman named Linda instead.

Laszlo is seen at the beginning of the game (regardless of the hero's gender), asking the Hero to sign his petition that would "help fight poverty in Albion". The Hero is given the option to either sign the petition or insult Laszlo. If the later option is chosen to insult Laszlo, the Hero will wipe his/her rear with the petition.

Laszlo appears again for a quest called "Kidnapped", where he wants you to rescue his kidnapped fiancée from the criminal Nigel Ferret. His fiancée can turn out to be Elise if the Hero chose to save Elise's life. If you didn't save Elise's life, it will be a woman named Geraldine. If the Hero chooses to take Elise back, Elise will tell the Hero to wait for her after a few in game days. After which, Elise will appear in front of the orphanage to start a quest, "A Lost Romance", where Elise says that Laszlo understood and was not angry about how she felt and let her go be with the Hero.

Laszlo is not seen for the rest of game, but it can be assumed he continues to work at the orphanage (if the player, as King/Queen, doesn't break the promise to Laszlo/Page and replace it with the brothel).

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