Last Orders
Demon Door Realm
Last Orders
Location Information
Exits Brightwall

Last Orders is the realm located within the Brightwall Demon Door in Fable III. To open the door, the Hero must present his or her child to the Demon Door, and perform a happy expression.

This area is dominated by a solitary tavern on a small peninsula. The main room of the tavern contains several jolly skeletons dancing and drinking as though a large party were taking place. The reward chest contains three summon creature potions, 30 Guild Seals and is found on the second floor of the tavern.


  • The music heard in this area is the same as the music for Fable II Pub Games, and is also played during the ghost party at the end of the quest Bored to Death. It can also be heard in the Gypsy Camp in Fable II, when some of the inhabitants start dancing.
  • This inn has the same floor plan as the tavern in Brightwall and the Hunter's Lodge.
  • The inn draws ideas from the Danse Macabre movement in literature, art and culture; this movement came about as a result of the infamous plague known as the Black Death and included images of skeletons dancing and performing other human activities.
  • Upon entrance with your child, he or she may ask "Mummy/ Daddy, why do we still live here?" In a panicked tone, or "Our house is scary. I don't like it here!" and statements of the sort.

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