The Languages of Albion have varied drastically during the country's history. Modern Albion has its own unique language with its own unique alphabet, though in-game they speak English with various accents. It is known that the Old Kingdom spoke their own unique language, which may be an archaic form of the languages spoken in Fable and Fable II. During the time during which Philipth Morley was alive, the dominant language was a form of old English.The language spoken in Fable is different than the one spoken in Albion during Fable II 's time, 500 years later, though this change is likely simply similar to the change between old English and modern English. In Fable II when you are entering the site where Oakvale once was, there is a sign that in English says "Oakvale" even though the people of Albion have a different alphabet.

In Fable II, Fable III, and Fable: The Journey, Albion's language has evolved into either modern-day English or a language very similar to it. Posters located throughout Bowerstone are written in English, not Albionite, though this may simply be due to the fact that Lionhead Studios wished for people to be able to understand it without knowing or being able to read one of the 3 or 4 Scripts in Albion, such as Latin. The Albionite script returns in Fable: The Journey, with the language on the various signs, noticably the one at Sable's Crossing, written in Albionite.


There are at least 3 different scripts in Albion. One is common Latin script, the one that we use now. It can be seen in signpost such as "the Cow and Corset". The other script is the script used in shops, and on signposts. The final script is seen on old gravestones and curiously on a signpost outside the Bowerstone General Store. This script resembles old Futhark runes.


  • In addition to the various interpretations of English spoken throughout Albion's history, various French phrases are used by Reaver. For example, he refers to the Dark Seal as an object d'art and remarks "As promised, the piece de la resistance," when trapping the Hero of Brightwall in his Wheel of Misfortune.

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