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Lambert and Pinch
Lambert and Pinch
Species Human
Gender Male
Home Brightwall
First Appearance Fable III - Missing Play
Last Appearance Fable III
Status Alive

Lambert and Pinch are an acting troupe in Brightwall in Fable III, consisting of the tragedian Lambert and the humourist Pinch. One of the achievements is to help them put on the world's greatest play in the quest Missing Play.

History Edit

After the quest Leaders and Followers activates, Walter Beck and Samuel can be heard talking in the Ye Quill & Quandry pub about Lambert and Pinch, who Walter remembers during his fond recollection of Brightwall's more prosperous days before the reign of Logan. Samuel comments that, though the duo remain Brightwall's greatest acting group, their disagreements concerning tragedy and comedy lead to their state of inactivity. When the Hero of Brightwall approaches the two, they can be heard arguing the finer points of tragedy and comedy before they notice the Hero. It is then that they employ the Hero to search the Brightwall Academy for the "The Ham Sandwich," the legendary lost play of Philipth Morley, which is said to perfectly blend the elements of tragedy and comedy. This blend, they reason, would allow the two to work together harmoniously once more while restoring their reputation as great thespians. They also wish for the Hero to find a detective they hired named Ransom Locke within the Brightwall Academy. After the Hero discovers the script, he or she is absorbed into it, whereupon they find Ransom Locke and the ghost of Philipth Morley and must act out several scenes from Morley's famous works before they can leave. When the Hero delivers the script, Lambert and Pinch put on the play for the villagers. Unfortunately, it doesn't make any sense, and the audience members are quick to criticize them.

Trivia Edit

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