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Lady Sophia
Species Human
Gender Female
Home Darkwood Bordello

Lady Sophia is a character in Fable: The Lost Chapters. She is one of the many prostitutes working at the Darkwood Bordello.

Like the other prostitutes, Lady Sophia lives under the unfair master of the bordello, a man named Grope. Should the Hero decide to, he can retrieve the rights to the bordello by either giving Grope enough beer until he unwittingly imparts the information or by donning the redhead wig and sleeping him with. Once the rights are procured, the Hero can either keep the bordello for himself or give up the bordello, turning it into the Darkwood Women's Refuge. The latter option frees the women from their duties, including Lady Sophia, while the former option allows the Hero to continously use their services.

Unlike the other prostitutes at the Darkwood Bordello, Lady Sophia comes from a noble background, even making references to items of luxury such as silk during sex. She is the second most expensive woman working at the bordello, charging 1,000 gold for her services.


  • Lady Sophia is unique among her compatriots in that she often speaks of a wish to marry the Hero, lamenting that she cannot because she is a prostitute. However, even if the Hero liberates the women of their duties, she is still unavailable for marriage.

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