Species Human
Gender Male
Relationships Lin (Ally)
Shan (Ally)
Enemies The Empress
First Appearance Fable: Edge of the World
Last Appearance Fable: Edge of the World
Status Deceased

Kuvar is a character in Fable: Edge of the World. He is part of the group of Samarkandian refugees that Shan belonged to.

A native to the eastern desert continent, Kuvar once lived a happy life under the prosperous rule of their beloved ruler, Emperor Zarak. When Zarak returned from a foreign visit, however, his new wife, The Empress, began to corrupt his mind. Eventually, after a brief stint as a dictator, Zarak perished, leaving his wife to take over and instill a new dictatorship on Samarkand and her people. When her rule attracted the returning forces of the Darkness, Kuvar joined a band of refugees attempting to make it to the pastoral, rich lands of Albion to the west.

This attempt forced the two dozen man group of cross the harrowing Sakur Pass, an infamous crossing through the Blade Mountains that no one in living memory ever survived. Kuvar and the group learned firsthand of the difficulties involved, experiencing no end to the frigid cold, the avalances, and the pursuing shadows. As the group was whittled down to a handful of survivors, Kuvar managed to hold onto life even as Shan's last surviving family member, Lin, perished trying to save him. As Shan passed out, Kuvar went back and rescued his ally.

Resting at a campsite on a precarious ledge, Kuvar believed the group was temporarily safe from the Darkness, who they thought would not pursue them while the fire emanated a safe light. This notion was proven to be a critical error in judgement, however, as the shadows still managed to slip into the campsite. Though he siezed his nearby katana, Kuvar was one of the first to die with a shadow's black inky hand tightening around his throat. His katana, however, saved Shan, who used it to fend off the shadows as he made his final dash for the safety of the Mistpeak Mountains and the native Dwellers.

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