Juice is a type of drink, available in in Fable II. Juices are non-alcoholic, and offer small amounts of experience points. The quality of the juice reflects the amount purity points you receive (if any).

Name Stars Description Healing Points Purity Exp. Fatness Base Value
Durian Fruit Juice 1star The sensory experience of this exotic, spiny fruit has been likened to 'custard passed through a sewer pipe' or 'eating one's favourite ice cream while sitting on the toilet'. The juice is not much better. 20 -5.0 0 0.1 8
Diluted Tomato Juice 2stars Yes, it's technically a fruit, but that doesn't mean it deserves to be juiced. This watery, vaguely salty concoction is only for the desperate. 40 0.0 5 0.1 14
Concentrated Apple Juice 3stars Once a semi-frozen cylinder, now a passable imitation of the real thing. 80 5.0 25 0.1 25
Quality Banana Juice 4stars Bananas have no juice to squeeze? Never you mind such trivial details -- this sweet concoction is healthful and delicious. 160 10.0 125 0.1 49
Mystical Juice 5stars Squeezed from clouds, pixies and pure thoughts, this juice is both delectable and extremely healthy. 320 15.0 625 0.1 118

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