Species Human
Gender Male
Relationships Mark (Friend, fellow gamer)

Ben (Friend, fellow gamer)

First Appearance Fable III - The Game
Last Appearance The Last Role of the Dice
Status Alive

Jim is a character in Fable III. He is one the three 'magi' the Hero encounters during the quest The Game.

He is the only 'magi' whose nickname is not stated, as he impatiently interrupts Mark during the introductions. Jim is actually an avid gamer who enjoys playing Hollows and Hobbes with his friends Mark and Ben. Like his friends, Jim wears a red robe.

Throughout the game, Jim constantly makes suggestions for more violent moments in the game. This often upsets Ben who prefers a happy story. Jim also voices all the male characters the hero encounters while playing the game, except for Horace the poet.


  • Jim will sometimes be listed as the owner of Megafun Mansion, the house in Bowerstone Market where the quest takes place. Even after Jim disappears upon completion of The Game, he may still be listed as the owner until the house is purchased.
  • According to the visitor log, Jim and his friends once visited Clockwork Island.
  • Like his friends, Jim is featured heavily in the online story The Last Role of the Dice. He helps Ben Finn throughout the story.

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