Important This article contains information original to the novel Fable: Blood Ties, which is a licensed Fable work, but does not necessarily conform to Lionhead's Fable canon.

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Jason Finn
Species Human
Gender Male
Relatives Unknown Mother
Unknown Father
William Finn (younger brother)
Quentin Finn (younger brother)
Ben Finn (younger brother
Home Gunk
First Appearance Fable III (Mentioned)
Last Appearance Fable III
Status Deceased

Jason Finn is the eldest brother of Ben Finn. His life is detailed in Ben Finn's autobiography, The Life and Adventures of Benjamin Finn.

Jason Finn was born the eldest of four children in the small hamlet referred to as Gunk. Raised by shop-keeping parents, who often struggled to buy shoes for Jason and his brothers and put food on the table, Jason led his other brothers in the search for sustenance, money, and entertainment. Eventually, the eldest of the Finns found a new source of income for the family-pickpocketing. While Ben would tell jokes to earn money (having recognized the immorality of pickpocketing and not being any good at it), Jason and his brothers would rob the distracted villagers blind.

Because of Ben's help in getting them their ill-gotten gains, on Ben's eleventh birthday, William and his brothers bought him a beautiful pellet gun. It was not long after Ben discovered his talent with firearms that Jason and his brothers put his talent to "good" use. Jason and his brothers would set up a fair booth in which they challenged all comers to pit their target practice skills against Ben's. After fleecing all the locals, they soon had to rely on traders, passes-by, and the occasional neighbouring villagers, out of which more often than not they would have been run out by the authorities. Unlike Ben, Jason didn't save up any of the money he earned, spending most of his earnings.

Fifteen years after his youngest brother was born, the ruler of Albion, the Hero of Bowerstone, finally died. It was the death of this Hero that marked the beginning of a series of tragedies that were to befall the Finn family, first among them the death of Jason himself. Having slept with the wife of an irate farmer, said farmer challenged the eldest Finn to a duel with pitchforks. Unfortunately for Jason Finn, he never did an honest day's work in his life, and therefore made the decidedly fatal mistake of holding his pitchfork the wrong way.

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